The Conscious Connection Experience

For heart-led business owners who are ready to expand their business with meaningful conversations

Yes, you CAN grow your business without the ick of “marketing”.

Intentional conversations with your ideal clients is the golden key to spending your energy wisely and keeping your business in alignment with your authentic self. Your digital sanctuary is one space you can nurture those conversations into powerful actions.

Dear big hearted soul-o-preneur, I see you:

  • You’ve tried 100 times to write your About Me page for your website, but every time you sit down to write it you draw a blank or the words feel like a tangled mess.
  • You’ve become embarassed to share your website with potential clients as you chucked it up on the quick years ago, haven’t updated it since and now it feels like a looming monster you want to hide from.
  • You’ve rolled your eyes *hard* at people telling you that you need a mailing list and something lovely to entice people onto it – that’s easy for them to say – you’ve no idea how to actually do this.

It doesn’t have to be this way! With the right guidance and some support in developing solid foundations, you’ll be able to sing your own special song with confidence.

The Conscious Connection Package is perfect for you if:

  • You want someone to use your tone of voice and put your heart into writing the copy for your website.
  • You want a digital presence that finally feels aligned – that you can be proud to share with the world.
  • You want to feel really clear and confident in starting conscious conversations with your soulmate clients long after working together.
“I had tried to write my website, manage my blog posts and come up with a powerful lead magnet that grew my mailing list myself and all my attempts weren’t quite getting me there. I knew I had a mental barrier I couldn’t open alone…I expected our work together to help with my web copy but what I have also gained from our time together has been motivation and inspiration, I’ve faced my barrier around money, I know who my ideal clients are and have much more clarity around my service offerings. I loved your willingness to say what needed to be said to me.”
Client L

Uncover and mould the foundations of your story, so that conversations with your potential clients become a fairy tale

Through our own conscious connection, powerful and deep hearted conversations, we’ll get to the root of who you want to serve and why, so that you can get mirror-on-the-wall levels of clarity on the how you’ll help them. At the end of our time together, you’ll have spellbinding copy for your digital sanctuary (A.K.A. website), blog posts that sing, a lead magnet (A.K.A mailing list sign up gift) that people HAVE to have and a long term vision for keeping those conversations going through your mission statement and ideal client “avatars”.

The Conscious Conversations Approach - your secret spell

And you may well be thinking that “It’s easy for you to say that writing / conscious connection / intentional conversation is do-able, people pay you to do it!”

It’s true, people *do* pay me for my ability to turn a phrase and help them to have meaningful conversations with their ideal clients. But, becoming someone that helps other business owners find their voice online didn’t happen overnight. I got it wrong a heck of a lot before reaching this point:

– My Creative Writing Professor at Uni HATED my final submission (with a passion, actually).
– I’ve had stakeholders ‘red pen’ my work innumerable times – it’s painful but it’s ‘character building’.
– I’ve had blogs that not even my mum engaged with.

You need to know that there’s no magic, mysticism or secret sauce to sharing your business. Since I started using the Conscious Conversations approach, which puts your “who” and “why” at the heart of everything, I’ve found that clients find me and book with ease – no hard “selling” or “ick”. And I want to share this approach with you so that you can experience the conscious conversations difference. Any heart-led business owner can learn to do this. You are 100% capable of doing this thing! With loving guidance and dedicated space, you’ll be able to write the stuff that sells, from your heart, with ease.

What’s included:

  • A 2-hour online workshop with me to take a deep dive into who you want to BE in your business and why.
  • 3 visual representations of your ideal clients in pdf format.
  • Your Mission Statement document.
  • 2 hours of consultation calls with me to discuss your messaging throughout the process.
  • Copy for the core pages of your website (home, about, services, contact, blogs).
  • 2 ready-to-load blog posts.
  • 1 lead magnet / nurture sequence.
  • Unlimited email check-ins with me throughout your journey.
  • 1 hour of technical consultative support.
  • 1 Messaging Mentoring Power Hour session to support you as your start writing on your own.

By the time we’re done working together, you will be a confident storyteller, you’ll be spending your energy wisely and you’ll have a digital sanctuary that feels like magic to you. You will no longer be trying to do all.the.things alone; you’ll have your own personal Fairy Guidemother and be clear on your superpower.

Your ideal clients are out there, waiting for you to show up and help them. They need to hear about the incredible work you do. They are ready for the beautiful transformation that’s in store for them.

That’s why you need to start making Conscious Connections now, so you can help those people as soon as possible.

You might feel like getting started on this journey will take up more of your precious time and energy, treasures which you feel you are currently lacking. You might also feel like you don’t have much of a story to share.

That really is the magic of working with someone like me – I’ll help free up your energy, bring clarity and shine a light on the richness of your story.

“It just felt as if a weight lifted off my shoulders, and somebody else is going to listen to me and understand where I need to go... I am so not marketing, I am not technical, I am nothing about all that. What I am good at is I love being with people. I love talking to people. I love being in front of people, but I just thought I could spend years trying to create a website… And honestly, it just saved me hours and hours. And it was done. You know really we worked together from June till September and it was live in October, I mean, I'd still be going, ‘I must get a website…’ And it's brilliant, because I can now send people to my website, and you'll see everything there. And it's just lovely... Honestly, it has changed my way of talking to people... This has given me some time and space to actually really think and reconnect and work out, you know, where I want to go in the future.”

The Investment



3 x instalments of £523

Let's get started!

If you have any questions for me or would like to have a chat to make sure we’re a great fit, book yourself in for a clarity call using the calendar below.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about The Conscious Connection Experience answered

Most frequent questions and answers

Anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. There’s no cut and dry answer to this one. It’s a bit of an, “it depends” thing. Generally, I find the average to be around 3 months. This is an in depth process, for both of us, and I always encourage you to sit with the things we create to ensure they feel right before we move on to the next stage.

Once it’s all signed off and handed over to you, that copy is all yours. You don’t *have* to credit me or tell the world we worked together to craft the messaging – although it’s always very much appreciated if you choose to!

You’ll get your Mission Statement, website copy, blog posts and lead magnet copy / nurture sequence copy in Word.doc format. Your ideal clients will be in .pdf format. If you have technical limitations with accessing these file types, we can use Google Drive (or similar) for file sharing.

Well, if you’re working with a Web Designer, you should be able to share your website copy document with them for them to implement (depending on your arrangement with them).FYI, if you don’t have a Designer but want one, I can connect you with someone I work really closely with.

And if you’re DIY-ing, you can of course crack straight on with building your pages, blog posts and lead magnet / nurture sequence. I’d recommend you print your mission statement and ideal client documents and keep them above your desk for when you are writing.

Well, if you’re here, you’re probably already feeling the pull. I suspect you chucked your website up on the quick when you started out a couple of years back and now things just feel a bit, “off” and misaligned. You might have lost your mojo and be ready to reignite the fire in your belly around your business. If this sounds a lot like you, then this is probably a great fit. Especially if you’ve tried group programmes and found they weren’t really for you. Whether you’re an introvert, struggle with focus or need additional accountability and support, I’ve got you.

This is a 1-2-1 experience that is very much dedicated to YOUR needs. However, the process and outputs involved in this container are pretty fundamental and lay strong foundations for your storytelling. If there are elements you don’t feel you need or you’d like to focus attention in different areas, a bespoke project may be more suitable. Book in for a chat using the calendar function above to get help choosing the right option.