Power hour

Messaging Mentoring to make your copy shine

For heart-led business owners who need a second brain to help nail their messaging and have powerful conversations with their ideal clients.

Oh, wonderful soul-o-preneur, I see you:

  • Mentally running in circles over getting your messaging right for that sales page / blog post / newsletter.
  • Frazzled at the end of the day; you’ve knocked your socks off but your list hasn’t got shorter.
  • Scratching your head over why your soulmate clients aren’t taking action on that amazing offer you sent them – you know they need it, what the heck is missing?!

If only there was someone who knew words inside out who could help wave a magic wand over your messaging and give you pointers for getting it right, again and again?

"Lea Tierney has been an absolute star and has helped me rewrite my whole website. If you ever needed a push to ask for help, this is it! She really helps you to understand your audience and give them what they need."

That's where Messaging Mentoring Power Hours come in!

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Hi, I’m Lea and I bloody LOVE words and I REALLY love helping purpose driven business owners like you to find the words to have powerful conversations with soulmate clients and have more impact in the world. As a soul-o-preneur myself, I know how challenging it can be to find the words to convey the transformation you bring to your ideal clients; especially when you are switching hats constantly from Sales Rep to Finance Manager to Coach (and that’s not to mention cleaner, partner, parent).

Getting a “second brain” to help you to nail your messaging and being able to pick that brain for juicy pro-copywriter tips could be a total game changer for you.

That’s why you’re going to love these Messaging Mentoring Power Hours.

Book your session now and make that copy shine

Essentially a 1-2-1 copywriting clinic, your Messaging Mentoring Power Hour will give you a whole hour with a professional copywriter. This time will be dedicated to making your messaging magical. Through our call you’ll get loads of juicy feedback, pro tips that you can apply to all of your copy and creative guidance to nurture you through the messaging challenges you may be facing.

The Lite one

The VIP one - including notes and recording

All of your copy matters

You can get support with all of these:

  • Website copy / sales pages
  • Blog posts
  • Lead magnets
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media copy
  • LinkedIn – posts, articles and profile boosting

Sounds amazing, right?

Having a copywriter at your disposal to review your messaging and help you nail it so you can move the heck on with your actions list, that’s a worthwhile investment. Which leads us to…

The investment

Book your session for just £55 for The Lite One and £70 for The VIP One (includes detailed session notes and recording for you to refer back to later.

Are you ready to get a laser focus on your messaging?

Book your Power Hour now!

The Lite One

The VIP One


How does it work?
  • Book and pay for your session using the calendar below.
  • Complete the form I send over to you to get a feel for your “who” and “why”.
  • Send over the link or document you want me to review and provide feedback on – at least 48 hours before our call.
  • Prepare any burning questions you have about copy / storytelling / organic marketing.
  • We get together on Zoom and work through the magic your messaging needs to have those powerful conversations.
  • If you’ve chosen The VIP One, I send you a detailed set of notes for moving forwards with copy confidence after our session.
Who is a Power Hour for?

Heart-led business owners who feel like a second brain or being able to pick the brains of someone who does copywriting, day-in-day-out would get them over the hump and finally get that sales page out there / have confidence in starting conversations with potential clients / quit using “not being a writer” as an excuse for not doing THE THING.

Can I book a block of Power Hours?

No, my love. I do offer the ability to work together 1-2-1 over a longer period of time and we can discuss that at the end of your session if we uncover a whole project of stuff to work through.

Have questions that haven’t been answered?

Send me a note using the form below.