Spellbinding marketing

Unveiling your gifts to the world

Woman in white shirt with her hands crossed over her heart
Dear soul-o-preneur, I see you.

Running your own business can feel like a bit of an odyssey; breaking free from the “muggle world”, braving the mythical monsters that live within your own psyche and being a champion of change. You have to wear so many hats which can change from hour to hour; from sales rep to product developer  – and so many more – without the magical outfit changing capabilities of Sabrina. This makes it essential that you protect and use your energy wisely.

If you want to:

  • Have genuine, heartfelt conversations with the people you are here to serve
  • Create big changes in the world
  • Slay the tech / word block / vulnerability binds on your power

I’m here to help

Empowering you to connect with more of your ideal clients

You may already have some marketing in action (perhaps without even realising it) or you may be starting from scratch. Either way, I’m here to empower you to tell your brand story in an authentic way.

What works for another business (even a seemingly similar one) won’t necessarily work for yours. There’s no one-size-fits-all spell book here.

It’s so important that you invest wisely in your business and you may not feel like it’s sustainable for you to farm out your marketing on a permanent basis. That is totally ok!

Whether you want long term support or a short term boost: I’m here for you.

Offerings to support you in telling your story

For solopreneurs and small business owners with a big mission to achieve and a few too many plates spinning already, offloading some of your regular content marketing work can make a huge difference to your energy. Lea Tierney is here to support you in having conversations with your community without pulling you away from doing THE WORK.

The Conscious Connection Experience

Get 1-2-1 support in crafting spellbinding copy for your digital sanctuary (A.K.A. website), blog posts that sing and a lead magnet (A.K.A mailing list sign up gift) that people HAVE to have. And discover how conversations with your potential clients can be a fairy tale (rather than a tiny nightmare)!

Messaging Mentoring - Power Hours

Get a whole hour dedicated to making your messaging magical. We can shine a laser focus on everything from your website pages to blog posts and LinkedIn post copy. You’ll get a 1-2-1 call with me to discuss feedback/tips/challenges you are facing.

The Academy - Group Programme

Aching for a space to share your journey into the magic of messaging, with a group of like minded humans, support and access to resources to do-it-yourself at your own pace? The Academy will be opening its doors this Autumn for you to have all of this, and more!

Ready to get started?

Book your FREE 15 minute Clarity Call with me using the scheduling tool below. I can’t wait to hear your story 🙂