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Why you need to stop fiddling with your copy

And what to do instead to truly connect through your words

This is a blog co-written by Lea Tierney and Vicky Shilling, Wellness Business Mentor. You can now access our co-created course Copy That Connects on-demand if you’re struggling with sticky writing issues like copy fiddling. Find out more and get in on the action now.

Does it feel like your copy (words you write for your business) consistently misses the mark? You’ve probably told yourself it’s because you’re, “no good at writing” and sat chopping and changing things around for hours on end, tearing your hair out, trying desperately to get the words to It’s exhausting and is starting to impact on your business mojo – how can you give all areas of your business the attention they need if you’re constantly trying to remedy that copy that you think isn’t working for you? If this all sounds familiar, you’re probably a copy fiddler and this blog post is going to help you to recognise how that’s holding you back from making a real connection with your ideal clients. And if you stick around until the end (or head straight there if you’re impatient for a fix) you’re going to get a peek at something that is going to really help you with this problem

Not sure if you are a copy fiddler? Does this sound like you…

You could fill countless digital waste paper baskets with torn up copy you’ve started and then discarded. 

You’ve written, re-written and re-re-written your About page so many times that the words now all look like squiggly nonsense.

You’re too confused about what you wanted to say to send other people to your site.

Yeah, all sounding rather like you isn’t it? Sorry my love, that makes you a copy fiddler but don’t worry, you’re not alone. As I’ve now been running fortnightly Copywriting Clinics in Vicky Shilling’s Just Start Now community for wellness business owners for the best part of 2 years, I can tell you, I’ve seen a lot of copy fiddling. And this is something I can’t bear to see, because I know how much your lack of confidence in your copy holds you back from showing up as your fullest self in your business.

How copy fiddling holds you back in your business

  1. You use “my copy is rubbish” as an excuse to hide and not put yourself Out There. 

You’re constantly working on that sales page, trying to perfect it and delaying the inevitable vulnerability and potential for rejection that comes with putting stuff out into the world. You’re trapped in a mindset spiral that keeps telling you, “what will it say about me?” and, “what will so and so think?” and the all-time-favourite, “should I be saying that?” 

2. You’re gathering more and more, “digital dust” and that is overwhelming you. You’ve got files and folders chock-full of content that you’re relegated to the, “not good enough” pile. You’re constantly feeling overwhelmed by all the writing you need to do for your business – even though you have a pool of stuff you *could* be pulling from – and you have no clue how to organise everything.

3. You’re stuck in the weeds and unable to get a clear view on what’s really going on.

When you’ve got fiddle mode engaged, you’re probably not looking at who it’s for. And while you’re doing it, you’re getting further and further away from the coherency, the authenticity, and the connection that you originally had with your messaging. Everything becomes blurry. With that constant fiddling and tinkering, you’re getting lost, deep in the weeds. And you’re not taking that step back for that bigger picture view. 

You’re constantly in doing mode, rather than being strategic and intentional. And you end up reverse engineering things so it all feels a bit yucky and difficult. Because you’re not starting from, “Who is it for? What do they want their life to be, and how can I support them in that?” and instead you’re starting from, “Well, I’ve created this, I’ve got to sell it, now how do I write it in a convincing way?” you’re getting stuck. The point of your heart-led business is not to sell as many of your things as possible, but to help as many people as possible. And the way that you help people is to start from THEM. 

Of course you *do* need to practice and refine your writing. That’s the only way it’s going to get better and become magnetic. With all marketing there is an essential component of testing and tweaking to establish what works. And that is true for your copy, because it forms part of your marketing. But sometimes this can go too far. 

What to do instead to make sure your copy fully connects with your ideal clients

The key is to get your foundations in place first, being really clear on who you’re talking to, their challenges and their dreams. And being clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing, what is your mission and vision in the world? When you stay true to that and come from that space, things fall into place much more easily. Then over time and with evidence (from your ideal clients) you can do that testing and tweaking. 

So, get those ideal clients and your mission statement printed out and stuck up above your workspace, then every time you’re writing, you’re writing to them and from that really intentional space.

Show your clients, “this is possible for you and I believe you deserve it.” Give them that permission slip to dream bigger. Be of service. The world needs more of that. Most people are in this limited mindset of, “I can’t even say what I dream of out loud”, so when they’re confronted with that secretly cherished dream on your sales page there’s a real connection and recognition of your ability to empathise with them and hold space for their full selves.

Stop striving for perfect copy; there is no perfect. Your vision of perfect is never going to happen, and that’s ok. Really great copy is copy that connects, it starts conversations, it gets you clients. So, if you’re getting clients, you *really* shouldn’t be wasting your energy fiddling with your copy. Now, you could still have a really fantastic sales page with compelling copy that isn’t converting – because it is not the case that if we build it they will come. People have to SEE your page, which means you need to talk about it constantly, even when it looks like people aren’t picking up what you’re putting down. This is not the time to go back into fiddle mode; that’s busy work. To have an impact at this point you need to get it out there, talk about it and get some eyeballs on that page for people to see it. It is not the copy that continually needs to be tweaked. It does take time and it can feel incredibly frustrating but these things don’t happen overnight. 

Got a really good sales page that *does* work and make that connection? Sit with that one and see what it has that the rest of your copy doesn’t. Often we create stuff and forget about it and then find that our messaging is disjointed or has evolved. It’s a constant journey of growth and refinement.

If you are feeling like you’re less connected with your copy, you’re not getting the clients in and you’re frazzled, stressed out and have too much on your plate, then you probably need to stop fiddling. Pause, take a break, and come back to it when you’ve got head space and you’ve centred back in with your Who and Why. You can’t be out there promoting, if you’re spending time fiddling with your copy. This is about more than your ability to write. This is about your mindset, procrastination and perfectionism.

What if instead of constantly fiddling with your copy…

You’re discovering the elusive balance between time “in” your business and time “on” your business and you’ve developed a content plan that works for you.

You’re cultivating a quiet – but firm – voice in your head that says, “I believe in myself, my message and I *can* find the words!”

You know EXACTLY who you are trying to help with your copy and feel flippin’ great about being able to use writing in email, socials and blogs to help them achieve their dream lives.

Hey, wellness warrior, let’s make THIS your new reality. Grab Copy That Connects on-demand now and discover how to write powerful copy for your wellness business.

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