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Why rebranding and copy positioning is essential

More than (nice) words - and a pretty logo

The online world is awash with chatter about branding and messaging and it can all feel a bit fluffy, unnecessary and snake-oil-esque at times. And now people are wanging on about “rebranding”, good grief, this isn’t what you signed up for when you set up your purpose-led business!

If you already have a website and logo in place, you might be questioning the value of getting involved in this sort of stuff. Completely hear you, that’s why we’re going to talk about why rebranding and positioning is so essential to the next phase of your business in this blog post. Read on to get to grips with what rebranding and positioning is REALLY about. No tricks, no gimmicks and no snake-oil.

What rebranding and positioning mean for your business

Have you heard the phrase:

“You won’t get there by doing what got you here”

I’m probably slightly paraphrasing rather than quoting exactly, but the point remains. This is an absolutely vital message for you to take to heart today. You can’t stay stuck – you have too much to achieve in the world. Ok, “stuck” might not be the way you’d describe it. Maybe you’ve reached a plateau. You’ve hit a ceiling you need to smash through. And your current branding and positioning is going to keep you where you are.

Look, I’m not knocking the branding and positioning you’ve currently got. That website you chucked up on the quick a few years back, with the logo you agonised for hours over in Canva have got you business. They’ve got you to where you are now – and that is absolutely something to celebrate and love them for. You wouldn’t be where you are now, because they’ve helped you to communicate to your ideal clients and customers what you do / stand for / offer them. They’ve attracted opportunities and won hearts. There’ll always be a special place in your heart for the messaging, logo and colours you has when you proved your business WORKS.

But, and here’s the kicker.

They’re probably not going to take you to the next stage, progress your evolution or magnetically attract those loftier goals you’ve set your sights on. They’ll help attract more of the same, because they demonstrate who you were then. That’s what branding, positioning and messaging do for you – they demonstrate who you are. And that means they’re something that needs revisiting and reviewing every couple of years. Because change is one of those absolute inevitabilities when it comes to running your own business. Along with frustrating calls to HMRC and being sent a million and one invitations to take out a company credit card. Hey, I don’t make the rules.

I know you’ve been harbouring dreams of seeing your brand name up in lights / on shelves / reaching a whole new and exciting bunch of humans. And yes, I also know how bloody scary those ambitions are to hold. How easy it can be to let things run on as they are, because that’s lovely and safe and (relatively) comfortable.

How do I know all this?

Am I some freakish kind of mind reader?

Well, yes and no. I’m an empath, so you know, I pick up on your feelings naturally. And this is the stuff I work through with clients all the time; I hear it a lot, you are not alone.

But also, I’ve reached that same tipping point myself. Where it feels more uncomfortable and gross to keep things as they are now, than to venture into the bold unknown and make some changes. I’m ready for expansion, evolution and a truck load more impact. So expect to see new things emerging and filtering through over the coming months.

I’ve embarked on (and am trying to embrace) my own rebranding and positioning journey. Yes, I’m going through the very process that I take clients through.

Am I enjoying it? No, I’m really not. Hi, super clean house, bathed dogs and chores that are 100% not essential but seem important now that I’ve set aside space to work through this stuff! That’s right, you’re far from the only one that procrastinates (or cleans, or bakes, or admins) when you need to be working on your mission and vision.

Let’s be honest, getting out of the everyday doing / systems / processes stuff and playing whack-a-mole with ALL the mindset gremlins (yes, of course I have them too) that come up through this sort of process by yourself is HARD. It’s difficult to get out of the weeds and up in the sky for some big vision, Realm of Possibility stuff.

Thankfully I have lots of tools at my disposal to break through this barrier. As well as expert guidance on all things beautiful from Sammy. You might find the main tool I’m stuck into right now handy today though. It’s something I take all Conscious Connection Experience clients through at the beginning of their journey. And that’s the messaging workshop which really gets under the skin of your brand, business and ideal clients.

A couple of the questions we explore, that you might like to play with yourself today are:

How would you explain what you do / offer to a 10 year old?

What kind of testimonial would you want your ideal client / customer to write about your business after experiencing what you have to offer?

If your “competitor” is doing everything else the same as you, in terms of services / offerings etc, how would you still win?

Come on, join me in giving these a go. I’m working through the answers myself today with a pot of tea and some chocolate in the sunshine, maybe you should too? If you do give them a go, I’d love to hear what comes up for you, drop me a line and share your revelations!

Remember: a little introspection is good and valuable. But you can’t stay in navel-gazing mode. There’s a big difference between self-awareness and self-consciousness.

By the way, it is a crap tonne easier to work through these big questions with support and an outside perspective. Clients always say they love the messaging workshop sessions and would really struggle to work through and reveal the same level of magic these questions offer by themselves. If you struggle to get out of the weeds by yourself, drop me a note and we’ll chat about how to chip out those golden nuggets.

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