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How to write copy that is unmistakably you

3 things you need for copy that oozes charisma and charm

It seems like the Holy Grail of good copy, doesn’t it, copy that just sounds SO YOU? Where people (unprompted) approach you to tell you that they hear your voice when they read your social posts / newsletters / blogs – and they want to know your secret.

So how do you write copy that is immediately recognisable as being distinctly you? Is it some kind of witchcraft? Do you have to summon up some kind of ventriloquist demon? Let’s dig into this conversation, because there are 3 things you need to do if you want copy that oozes your natural born charisma and charm (yes you do have them, by the bucketload).

Firstly, I know how good it feels when someone comes up to you and tells you how much your copy sounds like you – and how cool and almost magical they find it that you’re able to do that. It happened to be last week when I was out with a couple of fellow business owners, one of them turned to me and pretty much said this word for word. And I chuckled, shook my head and raised my eyebrows, because she and I have already had The Talk. That’s the one where we really tapped into the 3 golden rules you’re going to discover in this blog post.

The 3 golden rules for copy that conveys charm and charisma

These rules are going to surprise you. We’re not talking grammar, technique or format here. We’re talking about you. Should be obvious really as it’s you we’re looking to infuse through your copy. But, specifically, we’re talking about being grounded and in the right frame of mind before you start writing. And that’s BIG. So let’s break it down into 3 parts:

1. Go an an adventure to discover your most authentic self

Sounds a bit pretentious. But, yes, you need to get to know yourself really, really, really well if you want to inject your true voice into your copy. And that’s a huge part of this journey you’re on as a business owner anyway, handily enough. You could say this heart-led business owner lark is a crash course in you. What lights you up, what makes you tick and what sends you under your desk, rocking back and forth.

You’re not out to emulate Her Over There. You’re here to connect consciously and authentically, with genuine empathy, with your ideal clients. So knowing your core values, really being able to hear yourself think and being comfortable with reinvention is pretty fundamental. When you know who you are, at your core, it’s much easier to convey that and channel YOU into your words.

For me, it took years of blogging, journalling, soul searching, chasing shiny objects, reinventing myself again and again, writing, failing, feedback and client wins – and more soul searching – to develop a strong grounding in who I am. You need to have space, tools and processes in place to explore and unveil the true you. And you need to have the courage to show up boldly as that person.

2. Share from the position of your highest self

I know, I’m probably sounding a bit wafty with these rules but trust me. If you’re rolling your eyes at the idea of your highest self, go give Tara Mohr’s Inner Mentor visualisation a go – I’ve yet to see someone remain skeptical afterwards.

Your words have resonance and carry energy. They are more powerful than you might realise.

Well, actually, let’s bring in The Greatest Wizard Of All Time to crystallise this point:

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Let’s put this another way, you know how some people are big on charging up their crystals under the light of the sun / moon? You need to do that for yourself, for your copy. You need to be coming from a place of high vibes, groundedness and ideally joy when you’re writing. What happens when you don’t? Well, you know how when you sent that text response to your bestie and she immediately asked if you were OK / pissed off / upset and you were baffled thinking, “how did she know, all I said was ‘yeah, fine’?” Your words carry resonance. Yes, intention through the written word is largely implied and we can’t always control how people receive what we put out there, we do have the power and the responsibility to channel good energy through them. Your unique tone of voice and energy is embedded in every word you utter / type.

I’ve been asked if I take anything seriously, as I always seem to be having a giggle and a great time with my writing. That’s because I only share what I write when joyful and abundant is my state of mind. We all get bad days. Days where we feel frazzled, fried and frustrated as f*ck with the world. Where we just want to hide away. And do you know what, you are better off giving yourself space and taking care of yourself first than forcing yourself to write because your content creation to-do list is as long as your arm. If you’re built up a visibility streak and you’re really worried about losing it, embrace content repurposing and be a bit Blue Peter – share something you created earlier, when you were in a high vibe state.

So sure, go ahead and get scribbling whilst you’re pissed off / upset etc. but don’t hit publish until you’re in a better mood and you’ve reviewed (or even better, had someone else review) how it FEELS. Because this is always what people remember; how you made them feel.

I often review content at my fortnightly Copywriting Clinics for the Just Start Now membership where I have to gently ask the submitter how they were feeling when they were writing it. Sometimes I get a real sense or flash of them sat behind their keyboard yelling at the kids to, “just give me a MINUTE, PLEASE!” or smashing the keys. So. Hard. At. The. Damn. Injustice. Of. The. Thing. They. Are. Writing. About.

It’s natural to channel frustration / anger / sadness through writing. And I do actually recommend it as a form of self care. Especially if you’re a more melancholy prone soul like me. It can be incredibly cathartic and help you process and heal – as well as get to know yourself better. But that’s not for your ideal clients. So don’t just hit publish on it.

Charge yourself like a crystal. Bathe yourself in a warm glow. Meditate. Soothe your soul. Recharge your batteries. And publish as your highest self. Publish your writing when you’re feeling good and channel that vibe. It’s totally cool to write when you’re having a bad day, but don’t put that Out There.

3. Do the groundwork and lay solid foundations

As usual, we’re talking about the cornerstones of your copy / messaging / story. That is; knowing your WHO and your WHY. These will almost without fail keep you on track and on target. When you’re writing to a specific person, having a real conversation, because you are excited to help them change something in their life things tend to slot into place. Your jokes are well timed, your charm winks through your words and your messaging exudes charisma. Because you are writing from that essential grounded space – writing to drive forward your mission, be of service and start conscious conversations with your ideal client.

See, injecting you into your copy isn’t witchcraft after all. It’s all about getting to know you, embracing what you stand for and showing up for the people you are here to serve. You need to unpick your true NOW identity, realise and step into your highest self and stay grounded in the foundations of your story.

Feel like you need a helping hand in wading through the elements of your story? Want someone to work alongside you and guide you through the process of unpicking all the layers? I’m here to help!

Book in a clarity call with me today and let’s have a natter.

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