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How great copy could help you achieve your business goals

And why now is the time to focus on your business copy

You started this year with BIG goals and fire in your belly to have your best year yet, didn’t you?

And now everyone keeps wanging on about how the year is running away and we’re halfway through already and you’re probably starting to get that panicky feeling about how the heck you’re going to achieve those lofty ambitions you scribbled down in your journal in January – and haven’t looked at since because you’re pretty sure you are miles away from where you expected.

You possibly feel a bit like this 👇

Completely understandable. We’ve all been there. But, look the answer to this squirmy feeling in the pit of your tummy is NOT, “next year I won’t bother writing my goals down because there’s no point – I’ll wing it instead”. It’s also not to spend money on yet another course. Or to just keep your fingers crossed and hope things magically sort themselves out.

The answer to this is to take action now.

Because you’re in it for the long haul with this mission of yours and there is always time to make an impact.

What you need to do is take a different approach. To come back to your foundations (who you’re doing this for and why you’re doing it). And to refocus on crystallising your messaging.

Yup, this is the part where I tell you how great copy helps you achieve your goals.

3 ways great copy helps you achieve your goals

Having clear, compelling copy for your business is not a fluffy, nice to have. It’s a business imperative that’ll help you drive your business forward and achieve your goals.

Great, well written copy, based on those core foundations we’re always talking about is fundamental because:

  1. Your copy gives you the clarity and confidence you need to put yourself Out There in front of the people that need you.
  2. Your copy starts conversations and magnetically attracts your right people – as well as repelling the wrong ‘uns.
  3. Your copy is your always-available voice in the world – whether that’s on your website, newsletters or social media – this is how you connect with people and build trust, even whilst you’re having a siesta / ferrying the kids about / dipping in cool waters with the dog.

This is about building “know, resonate, trust” – that magical quality that gets your ideal clients and customers throwing their money at you because *they* are clear and confident that you are The One they have been waiting for. When you are clear and confident, your soulmate clients share that feeling and the magic happens.

That’s why, if you’re feeling a bit despondent about your progress so far this year (although I reckon you’re probably doing much better than you think), focusing on your copy could Alohomora that door for you.

Word wand at the ready? Need some extra spells and incantations to give your copy a bit of Leviosa? That’s exactly what I am here to help you with! Get a flavour of how I can help.

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