The heart-led business owners' champion

Lifting the veil on your true power

I’ve been writing copy, in some form, for the best part of a decade; starting out in Marketing, then blogging and going freelance whilst also starting my own small business and holistic therapy practice. In short, I’m a multi passionate creative, lover of “woo” and I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember.

You might call me a word witch / explorer / empath.

I don’t believe good storytelling is something that should be shrouded in mystery; it’s entirely attainable with training. I also don’t believe in doing-all-the-things or being-in-all-the-places, especially if your heart isn’t in it – because that shit shows.

I help overwhelmed and frustrated heart led business owners with an aversion to “selling” to attract more of their ideal clients through intentional storytelling. I work with coaches, holistic therapists and change makers to create digital sanctuaries for their ideal clients; writing blogs, websites, newsletters and creating lead magnets that support those people in living their own dream lives.

I’m also co-host on the Digital (Gold) Dust podcast for conscious business owners. Because there are so many conversations that you just need to hear.

I started supporting independent businesses in telling their stories, their way, back in 2017. Initially it was temporary freelance work to pay the bills whilst I set up two businesses of my own, and then I discovered the pure joy of supporting heart-led business owners in getting their stories OUT THERE in a way that felt good. I’ve been involved in the birth of 4 businesses now and fully appreciate the vulnerability, exposure and pressure that comes from forging your own path. I also know that “selling” is far from what feels true to most heart led business owners; you are here to serve – and I’m here to help you do that.

I have a vision of a world where everyone is living in alignment (with their own desires, with nature and with the beings around them) and abundance. Freedom and compassion are my primary drivers. My way of working revolves around harnessing and using my intuition as a compass in order to support women like you in creating that ideal world.

I’m the human butler to 2 unruly rescue dogs, a chicken and runner duck and have an incredible ability to kill houseplants. I eat chocolate every day and love a good cashew mylk latte. I believe the best meetings involve dog walks around meadows with a flask of hot chocolate – and a wicker basket for foraging, obvs.

I’d love to hear more about your soul mission – drop me a line and let’s have a natter.

Ready to start making magic in the world through your business? Of course you are! Book a cuppa catch up with me and let’s see how we can unleash some of that power.