Nurture your authentic spirit

Your natural state is calm, at ease and joyful. Yet, the way we live our daily lives and the pressures we find ourselves experiencing tend to lead us away from that.

This space and the offerings shared here have been carefully created to support you in finding your way back to that natural state. Where you feel energised, relaxed and open to all the possibilities life has in store for you.

Through intentional marketing support, tailored massage treatments and by creating safe spaces, I support overwhelmed women and small business owners to live more fully in a heartfelt way.

Offerings to support you

Indian Head Massage

Connect in with the messages from your body with an Indian Head Massage treatment intuitively tailored to your needs


Through this blog space you can explore, join in and be inspired by some of life’s big conversations

Marketing support

Get support in telling your story, your way and get me on your team for some brand storytelling

Intentional tools

Discover new ways of nourishing yourself that work with your own day to day routine

Kind words from clients

It was a very grounding experience and I feel very calm, relaxed and cared for
She was great to work with, really efficient and forward thinking in her ideas...I highly recommend her!
Digital producer

About Lea Tierney

I’m here to help you find your calmest and most fulfilled self. I’m a fully trained and insured Indian Head Massage Therapist with years of experience in Marketing – so this is my way of wrapping my multiple passions into one space! I’m sort of like a fiery Snow White so, you can be sure that when you work with me, empathy and passion come by the bucketload. If you often think to yourself “accepting the status quo is no longer enough for me” then we should probably be working together